ABOUT KREDO (/krē-dō/)

Kristen Sanders founded Kredo Solutions in 2011 to challenge the conventional consulting approach of mysterious “black box consulting”. After a decade managing sales, operations and technology for companies like Yahoo, HP, and Hightail, she had seen too many consulting projects end up on the shelf after a failure to launch. Kristen wanted to offer a new way of engagement: a focus on a community-minded or a people-centric approach. Kredo Solutions was born. 

With this community-minded approach our consultants discover common needs (and roadblocks) that span across all stakeholder groups involved in an employee or customer journey. Our consultants then make design and technology recommendations that are personalized to fit your unique needs. Firm believers in doing business with people not companies, the Kredo Solutions team has built lasting partnerships around the world. This broad team of experts are helping companies harness the true potential of their employee and customer journeys - starting now. 



With first-hand experience running sales, marketing and customer support organizations, our team of consultants understand the complex challenges you face. We’ll help you achieve a unified employee-customer experience and gain strategic insights, so you can make real-time decisions as your business evolves.

The Kredo Creed

Kredo represents a creed, or a set of principles that guide the way we interact. We work to help our customers develop processes that are repeatable, scalable and feel like ‘second-nature’.

We aim to do the same at Kredo Solutions, and abide by our own creed each time we engage with our customers and each other. Our creed defines our brand promise. It underscores the way we approach people, solve problems and deliver results. To diligence and good judgement, we also bring inventive, focused and fearless spirit.
And we will never, ever, stop learning…

  • Curiosity is one of our greatest virtues.
  • We thrive on trusting and loyal relationships.
  • We behave with integrity, honesty and civility.
  • We will keep trying until we find the right solution.  
  • With time, and perspective, we can achieve anything.
  • We are people, who do business with people and not companies.
  • We are inventors. We will empower others to be inventive, flexible, and disruptive.
  • We strive to be authentic people at all times. We work to live. We live to experience.
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We provoke change

Changing behavior within an organization is simple to say but tough to accomplish. We challenge the old way of doing things to stimulate new, positive outcomes.

we think big picture

We think holistically about how our solutions impact the different customer journey touchpoints — not just today, but over time.


Our thought-leadership program offers team members paid time to pursue their own topics of interest. From new technology advancements to industry certifications, we share our learnings with each other and add value to our clients.