When Sales and Marketing Collide

Aberdeen Group recently published research looking at how the best-performing B2B companies reinvest in their processes, employees, and technologies to maximize the value of marketing and sales alignment.

When Sales and Marketing collide, good things happen. 

According to Aberdeen, the #1 strategy of companies looking to overcome "failure to decide" sales deals and long sales cycles is to tell a better, and unique story.  In addition, 74% of leading companies collaborate with Sales in developing marketing campaign themes and sales tools and content, instead of producing the content in silos.

Aberdeen’s survey acknowledges the pain points of many companies today, regarding how they are looking to drive increased qualified leads and revenue. Marketing and sales teams need to create a more integrated, customer-centric approach to message development and delivery, especially in selling conversations.

At Kredo, we extend this even beyond the selling conversations. We believe that every touch point must be consistent, in order to present and promote a premium and differentiated experience. Brands that create simplified, connected, easy to engage-with experience, are the brands that will lead today's products to tomorrow's disruption.

Check out the research from Aberdeen, titled "Sales Enablement: Fulfilling the Last Frontier of Marketing-Sales Alignment" Here: http://tiny.cc/tg665w