Leveraging The Smart People Who Aren't Working For You

Distributed Knowledge.   Does this phrase ring a bell?  If not, it soon will.  More commonly known as Crowdsourcing, it is loosely defined as the practice of leveraging the talent that exists both inside and outside your organization to help, among other things, solve business problems.   It’s not a new concept, but started with a slow burn until recently, and we are starting to see it catch fire in more traditional industries. 

At Kredo we view this as a big trend to watch, with the potential to disrupt how we connect ideation with reality, and the ability to rapidly solve traditional business problems with new and inventive thinking by accessing a collective network of intelligence.  Our prediction:  how we make decisions today will certainly not be how we make them in two years.  Three is no longer a crowd, it’s a goldmine of resources.

As the authors note in their study of Crowdsourcing (see link below), “While HBS certainly has brilliant professors who are creating new knowledge, the mathematical truth is that there are more smart people outside of HBS than within it.”  Kredo believes this is the case for all companies, globally.  (And as an aside, why we believe so strongly in our expert network staffing model.)

We look forward to sharing our thoughts on Crowdsourcing in future articles and welcome you to share your opinions and insights in the comment section.

Jillana PapparidesComment