Marketing Automation...What is it?

While many are familiar with the term "Marketing Automation" it's been our experience that few outside of those in marketing roles understand what this technology encompasses.  What does marketing automation actually do?  How does it impact me if I work in Sales, Marketing or Customer Support?   How do I know if I should invest in this technology?  All great questions and ones we hear frequently from our clients, (including a major social media brand who we helped successfully design and implement a marketing automation solution.) 

We'll kick off this blog series, focused on answering these questions and helping to de-mystify this technology, by sharing a great infographic  that breaks down the basics of marketing automation and how history played a part in shaping the need for this technology.

Evolution of Modern Marketing Automation was created by the Marketo Marketing Automation team.

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note:  this post was not sponsored by or affiliated with Marketo; we do however give them a big thumbs up on their great infographic! Kredo has always and continues to maintains a vendor agnostic stance across all available technologies to ensure our clients receive the best solution for their needs.

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