Moving Past Traditional SEO - Understanding Keyword Optimization

At Kredo, our thought-leadership program offers team members paid time to pursue their own topics of interest. From new technology advancements to industry certifications, we share our learnings with each other and add value to our clients. This article was the result of one of our Consultants Thought Leadership assignments - we believe this will provide insight for you and your company to develop better customer facing online content and enhance your company's ability to attract new opportunities.

Traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is evolving into Keyword Optimization. The new approach places an emphasis on building topical authority. Topical authority is defined by providing end users with valuable, well-informed content on specific topics to help inform decisions and educate users. Traditional SEO relies heavily on the analytics of what researchers believe users are searching for based on historical data. This approach is reactive; the goal is to drive positive results by optimizing keywords that are trending and relevant. Time spent creating duplication and lower quality content that relies on incorporating certain keywords into existing content is costly - this leaves little time for the creation of useful, well researched, and insightful content.

When searching on Google, one of the primary reasons pages are put at the top of search results is that they have the highest quality, most relevant content. That content is most likely to educate the reader, provide valuable information, or help inform decisions. Google is great at sourcing the most authoritative sites at the top, which is what makes it useful for answering a very wide range of questions. Google's algorithms determine whether the information on a site is complete, if it is from a reputable source, and whether it provides value to those searching for it.

The implementation of Hummingbird by Google in 2013 was a significant impact on SEO, this changed Google’s algorithms to a more conversational search approach. Meaning, Hummingbird allowed Google to look at the intent behind user’s search queries for relevancy rather than trying to pick out single words or phrases previously thought to be important. Now search engine strategies can focus on entire topics rather than a smattering of keywords.


Users today expect companies to be masters of their domain - creating content that is in-depth, polished, and demonstrates command of your craft. Additionally, users want to hear from previous customers regarding the quality of goods or services provided. Publishing success stories and creating a space for clients to give feedback and endorsements allows users to gain a deeper trust and understanding of your content and company.

We think big picture. Topical Optimization allows authors the ability to become masters of their field - writing content that is highly relevant and demonstrates a deep knowledge of material relating to your business. We at Kredo believe that while Topical Optimization can greatly improve your content and webpage traffic, it can also improve all areas of business communications with your partners, vendors, and customers throughout your marketing processes.

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